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Let us work on your future together. You can always visit us at our office we have friendly staff and a mean cup of coffee.

Monday to Friday – 9am and 6pm | Saturdays by appointment


We help navigate complex tax, finance and structural issues for businesses and individuals. From dealing with small tax returns to handling the tax implications of large organisations, we have a wealth of tax knowledge to help you. We also do trusts and estates.


Our team enjoy coming to you. We thrive on being involved personally with our business clients so can meet and work with you in your premises, farm or office. Alternatively, we also have modern, comfortable offices, for our clients who prefer to come to us.


Our accounting firm is with you at every stage of your business journey, from growing a business to retirement. Garden City Accountants wealth of knowledge and personal collaboration makes us your personal Christchurch accountants and tax experts.


We are a 100% locally owned and operated here in Christchurch. We don’t outsource any of your work that you provide us with. All work is completed by our locally employed staff at our office. Looking after Christchurch families.

538 Wairakei Rd, Burnside Christchurch 8053


Kaiapoi U18 Rugby

1996 - 2022

25 years in Business

We cover the Canterbury region

Many small businesses don’t operate as tax-effectively as they could, or fail to plan how they are going to meet their tax obligations. Choose our service and we’ll get you tax efficient in no time !

Focus on your business

Let our dedicated staff take care of all your administrative services. Paperwork, contracts… we take care of all the boring things.

Management Consulting

Whatever stage your business is at, we can work with you to put into effect the changes and strategies that it needs to thrive. Ensure your business meets its goals.

Save money with us

Did you know it’s not always cost effective to use a bookkeeper rather than an accountant for bookkeeping work? Find out how we can save your business money and help it reach its full potential.

Let us help your ideas grow

Just starting a business and need some help getting the set-up right? Or do you feel that your existing business could be doing better? Then it’s time to get our experienced advisers on the case

Lets plan together!

Whether you’re in the workforce, a business owner, about to retire, or already retired, you should be thinking about the future. Talk to our team of experts today to safeguard your finances.


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Rental Properties, Bright-line Tests & Interest Deductions

Rental Properties, Bright-line Tests & Interest Deductions For decades, owning a rental property has been the backbone of many a kiwi family’s retirement plan. In some cases, leveraging the equity in their own homes, landlords have bought properties with no…

Should I have a Family Trust?

Should I have a Family Trust? The words “Family Trust” can evoke all sorts of images; especially for those not familiar with them, but they are a valuable tool for many New Zealanders when it comes to asset protection, tax…

Do I really need an accountant?

Do I really need an accountant? In New Zealand we have a number 8 fencing wire mentality. Why pay someone to do something that you can do yourself…? Often this thinking goes together with truisms such as “She’ll be right,…

Monday 24 January, 2021 - We will be moving to RED level settings,

Mask and Vaccine Pass are required to enter premises. Thank You for your understanding in this matter.